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RINGO - AirTag Anti-Theft Bike Bell

RINGO - AirTag Anti-Theft Bike Bell

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Hidden and Waterproof Bike Lock

bike with airtag bell

The most discreet and convenient AirTag hiding place on a bike is called Ringo .

Many people are afraid of having their bikes stolen. The best method today is to use the AirTag tracker in combination with the phone.

"This small object at less than 30€ is more efficient than a GPS tracker and less expensive than a traditional anti-theft device (padlock, chain, fasteners)" UFC Que Choisir

video installation airtag bell on bike handlebars

In large cities, you usually need at least 2 solid locks to avoid having your bicycle or electric scooter stolen. Good locks are generally heavy and expensive (about 100€).

"In France, a bicycle is stolen every minute. More than 50% of cyclists have already been victims of theft. Only 3% of stolen bicycles are found by their owners. 25% of victims give up buying a new bicycle."

child on a bicycle pedaling with his helmet

Thanks to our new Ringo lock , find your stolen bike as soon as it disappears. Activate the Find My application on your iPhone and locate your bike quickly without subscription or additional costs. The AirTag battery lasts 1 year without recharging.

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The RINGO bell is designed to locate your bike anywhere

airtag doorbell features

Where is the best place to hide an AirTag?

Ringo has the best hiding place for your Apple AirTag on your bike. This bell helps hide your AirTag lock on your bicycle handlebars, enough to make the AirTag invisible.

airtag bell attached to bike handlebars

The bicycle is certainly one of the most coveted and stolen objects in the country. All victims know this; Finding a stolen bike is mission impossible.

The HisoTag Airtag bicycle bell looks like a traditional bicycle bell. Rest assured that your bicycle equipped with this anti- theft bell will never be noticed, especially if it is placed next to a row of bicycles also equipped with bells.

This increases the reliability of your AirTag's hiding place , because the more innocuous it is, the less likely it is to be suspected by thieves.

bicycle attached with airtag bell in the city streets

  • Compatible with all Apple AirTags (not included)
  • Model registered by the HisoTag brand
  • Unique in the world (unknown to thieves)
  • Tool included for easy assembly
  • Sound rated at 85dB
  • No paid subscription

GPS tracker for bike

Locate children on bikes when they have disappeared from your field of vision or are taking too long to return, simply with your smartphone. Children's bikes are a favorite target for bike thieves because they are easier to transport and resell easily.

a family on a bike with an airtag bell

The Ringo Bell is a simple, secure and discreet bicycle accessory to hide your Apple AirTag on the bikes of the whole family. With this innovative bell you can safely and discreetly hide your AirTag on the handlebars of your two-wheeler and always know exactly where it is, even when you're not there.

Your AirTag connects to Apple's Find my Network, to track your bike around the world without a paid subscription .

underwater waterproof airtag doorbell
  • ANTI-THEFT DESIGN: The Apple AirTag is hidden in the Ringo Bike Bell. Track your bike with your smartphone and never worry about your bike being stolen again. Ringo 's anti-theft bike bell design makes your AirTag invisible to thieves.
  • Universal: This new generation bike lock is suitable for most bicycles, road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX, children's bikes, adult bikes, bicycle, scooter. Compatible with all handlebars with a diameter of 22 to 25 mm
  • Waterproof: Contains a waterproof rubber ring to prevent water from entering the doorbell bell. Cycling in the rain will not damage your AirTag, which is already waterproof ( IP67 protection index)
  • Materials: Made of premium brass with retro design , high strength springs and strong alloy bracket. Protective pad included to prevent slipping or scratching your bike.
  • Sound: The Airtag bike bell is easy to install and resonates with a loud, crisp sound that is well identifiable even in heavy traffic.

airtag bicycle bell dimensions

Today many of us depend on our bikes to get around - and often on our tools to make a living.

We hope you never have to worry about where your bike is, but Ringo will be there for you when you need it most.

What is AirTag?

The AirTag is a small tracker the size of a coin, created by Apple which allows you to locate it anywhere without GPS , without recharging and without subscription.

What is Ringo used for?

Ringo is a bicycle bell in which it is possible to hide an AirTag . This innovation allows you to know where your bike is located with your iPhone.

What's included?

A Ringo bell equipped with a fixing ring on the handlebars of your 2 wheels ( electric bike , scooter, bicycle...) The AirTag of the Apple brand is not supplied with it.

How to install Ringo?

Installing Ringo is easy in minutes. Use the tools supplied with the manual to attach it to the handlebars of your two wheels .

How do I find my bike?

Locate your lost bike with your AirTag hidden in the Ringo doorbell. Use the Find My app on your iPhone and click on "Lost Mode".

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With the explosion of electric scooters and bicycles in France, the temptations are more numerous for certain dishonest individuals. The safety of your two wheels has never been so important, especially when the purchase price of certain vehicles exceeds one thousand euros.

Often, traditional security rules are no longer enough to track down a bike thief . With Ringo, technology has been put at the service of the bike to provide an additional layer of security .

This is exactly the role of GPS trackers , whose solutions have multiplied in recent years. The AirTag is therefore the best solution because gps trackers must be recharged regularly and require the payment of a monthly subscription.

The power of AirTags allows you to hide a module in a bell that is attached to your bike. This arouses no suspicion, the thief suspects nothing. The AirTags beacons play this role by relying on the mesh of all the surrounding smartphones, which makes it possible to create a network of position relays until the AirTag is located.

That's why HisoTag has designed a clever reinforced plastic bell in which an AirTag can be discreetly nestled. At first glance, this Ringo doorbell looks like a classic doorbell. Obviously, it fulfills its primary role, which is to warn road users. Except that its cap can be removed using a specific tool to access an entire space dedicated to your AirTag. All you have to do is place your beacon and close everything.

The Ringo bell for less than 30 euros is compatible with 22 mm handlebars, and here offers a double security function. For this you have to add about 30 euros more for the purchase of your future AirTag. It is therefore the cheapest and most effective solution to avoid losing your bike.