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The new generation GPS collars without subscription 

AirTag™ collar

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Cat Accessories

Food for cats and kittens, cat trees, scratching posts and more!
Find food, bedding, furniture, litter boxes , grooming products and much more for your cat or kitten! Our felines can be temperamental at times, but with the right care and cat essentials, they'll be satisfied and ready to show you their love! Discover on Hisopet everything you need to keep your cat or kitten happy and healthy.

Find the healthiest food for your kitten or cat . Keep your cat's coat and nails healthy with cat-friendly grooming tools that help reduce shedding and easy-to -use nail clippers. Cat trees with scratching posts are a great way for your cat to have fun while keeping their claws away and your furniture safe. Cat toys are perfect for indoor and outdoor cats. With our selection of catnip toys, remote control toys, teasers and plush toys for cats, you're sure to find the perfect fit and hours of fun and play.

The proper litter box and litter box for your cat is an important part of owning a cat. Whether you have multiple cats or just one, we can make sure your living space smells great and your favorite feline is well cared for.

Dog Accessories

Accessories and products for dogs and puppies
The dog pet supplies you need will vary depending on your dog's unique personality, breed , and age. What you need will change as your puppy becomes an adult dog and your adult dog becomes older. Luckily, most dog items clearly state whether they're age-appropriate for your pup. Whether you're adopting a senior dog or welcoming a new puppy into your home, Hisopet is ready to provide you with all the accessories you'll need to keep him healthy and happy through every stage of his life. We are proud to offer a wide selection of dog products from serious brands.

Food, treats and feeding accessories for dogs and puppies
It's no secret that a healthy diet gives your dog the nutrients he needs. That's why Hisopet™ will soon offer a wide variety of dog foods suitable for different life stages, different breeds or different dietary restrictions, as well as the right dog treats to keep them rewarded, focused and excited. to learn new exercises throughout the day. You can also find a variety of dog feeding accessories to make mealtime even more special. From standard bowls to slow feeders designed to keep your pup busy while he eats.

Toys for dogs and puppies and outdoor accessories
When is the best time after bringing a dog home? The gaming moments will definitely be the best memories! Hisopet offers an ever-growing collection of dog accessories to exercise your pet's mind and body. Fun rewards like plush toys , treat dispensers, string toys and pull toys will keep them busy inside, while durable leashes , harnesses and collars will keep your dog safe and protected when he is outside in the fresh air. Don't forget to keep them looking stylish and comfortable wherever they go with our wide range of clothes and accessories for dogs and puppies for all occasions and all seasons.

Dog & Puppy Training Supplies
Whether your companion is a puppy or a senior, you can always teach a dog new exercises ! At Hisopet , we offer specialized dog and puppy accessories to help you train your dog. Find training supplies to reinforce your dog's good behavior, such as training leads and educational collars. And if you need tips and advice, head over to one of our Hisopet Blog posts to consider puppy, adult, or private training classes. Thanks to the advice of our veterinarians, you will learn as animal parents to communicate with your companions thanks to fun and effective methods based on rewards.

Dog basket and travel accessories
You may have heard that a happy dog ​​is a tired dog. Once you've exhausted him enough, offer him the best dog bed or kennel accessories for his size and sleeping style. Small dog beds, blankets, and soothing bed designs allow for a more comfortable night's rest. And when you're on the go, there are dog carriers and car seat accessories that make trips to the park or the vet a breeze.

Maintaining Your Dog's Health and Happiness
Hisopet offers a wide selection of dog products to control ticks, fleas and more. In fact, you'll find plenty of brands you and your vet trust to make ticks and fleas a thing of the past. Does your puppy suffer from other health issues? You'll find tips for a variety of dog health issues, including allergies , heartworm, anxiety, and pain relief. Because at Hisopet, we know that a healthy pet is a happy parent.