Our story is probably not very different from yours: we are people who love dogs and cats and couldn't live without them!

little puppy basking on the ground

We understand the important bond between you and your pet.

As dog and cat parents ourselves, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting products to spoil our pets, make them happy and entertain them as they deserve.

They bring us so much love every day without asking for anything in return, so taking care of our four-legged friends like members of our family is a matter of course for us.

two dogs dressed as their master

HisoPet™ was born with a simple idea: find a solution to allow our pets to have fun without having to lock them up between four walls.

We are constantly looking for solutions to entertain them indoors or outdoors even during the prolonged absence of their master.

dog on the ground waiting for his absent master

Some pets have no business other than eating and sleeping all day without stimulation of their natural instincts.

Finally, 60% of pet cats and dogs are overweight or obese according to a recent veterinary study.

obese cat lying on the ground

Other lucky pets live outdoors and escape or stray a little too far from their home and never find their way home.

Each year more than 10 million dogs and cats are lost in the wild by their owner and unfortunately never find their home.

lost animal poster

In our time this painful situation is unbearable while technology can save us the loss of our furry companions.

Thanks to the complicity of our colleagues at HisoTag™, we offer you an elegant collar that allows you to locate your pet anywhere and at any time, thanks to AirTag technology from Apple .

This leather collar naturally baptized HisoTag™ reflects the values ​​of this company whose common project is to safeguard our furry companions.

dogs and cats sitting on the ground

The good health of our four-legged friends is an important investment, so preserving it deserves our attention every day.

We can't chase after them all day but their new lightweight and comfortable HisoTag™ collar will do that for you.

We also work in collaboration with animal rescue associations such as the SPA in France to help all abandoned or lost animals find a foster home.

sad dog face

Each year, part of our profits are donated to these associations to help them in this mission.

We also created this site to celebrate pets around the world and for the opportunity to share awesome pet products with you online.

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority after that of your pets. We set ourselves high standards of quality and commitment. We promise to maintain these high standards by providing amazing products and excellent customer service.