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Premium Hisotag® Cat Collar

Premium Hisotag® Cat Collar

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AirTag Cat Collar

air tag collar for cat

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The HisoTag® Cat Collar is made from the finest materials to provide a soft feel around your cat's neck, all day long.

Our Tanned Leather Collar has been designed to adapt to the movements of your feline day and night.

Anti-strangulation cat GPS collar with or without fixing screws (your choice), safe for your pet. Detachable under pressure, designed to open if your cat needs to break free when grabbed by the neck, to ensure they never get stuck .

blue airtag collar for cat

Three different collar sizes available (S,M,L) handmade leather pieces with four colors colors of your choice (brown, black, white, blue).

GPS cat collar without paid subscription and without battery recharging for total freedom of your feline, under real-time monitoring, simply with your smartphone.

leather cat airtag collar

Choice between 2 sizes for cats :

  1. MEDIUM for large cats
  2. SMALL for cats

Our robust anti-fugue collar adapt perfectly to your AirTag , so you don't have to worry about the location of your pet.

The Airtag Cat Collar is undoubtedly the best gps cat collar of the moment inside your home and outside. Avoid injury to your cat or even death by hanging or strangulation while trying to break free.

manufacturing leather airtag collar for cat
  • No paid subscription
  • No battery or data charging
  • No location distance limit of your cat
  • Robust, light and waterproof
  • Ask Siri: " Where's my CAT? "
  • Tracking with the Find My app (App Store)
cat airtag collar dimensions

Apple AirTag not included

How do I locate my cat?

Contrary to popular belief, the electronic chip implanted under the cat's skin does not allow it to be geolocated. To locate a cat , you will need to add a real-time tracking solution such as GPS with paid subscription and large enough for your cat's neck. Fortunately , AirTag technology avoids all these drawbacks, because the AirTag GPS tag is the size of a coin without a paid subscription or monthly plan. Some masters have discovered that their cat has traveled up to 3 kilometers a day.

Is it dangerous to put a collar on my cat?

Some collars represent a real danger for your cat both inside the house and outside. In fact, it risks snagging (door handles, fences, branches, etc.) and causing serious injuries to the cat or even its death by hanging or strangulation while trying to free itself. The anti-strangulation collar for cats aims to allow the cat to easily free itself from its collar in case of danger. They are usually equipped with "breakaway" or anti-choke closures that come off at the slightest pull.

How do I get my cat to accept a collar?

Make sure your cat collar fits properly. It should be tight enough so that it doesn't hang more on one side than the other. It should also be loose enough that you can fit two fingers between the collar and its neck. Let your cat get used to the collar for a few minutes, then take it off. If your cat seems disoriented when you first put the collar on, that's normal. Give him time to get used to it, and relax him with food or his favorite game so he forgets about it.
Repeat this exercise a little every day until your cat is completely comfortable with her new collar .

What is the best cat GPS?

A powerful and lightweight cat GPS tracker like HisoTag because AirTag technology complements the GPS which allows you to track your cat in real time, without any distance limit! It must be very light and small in size so that it can be hung on his collar without disturbing him. Unlike other GPS collars in the form of a bulky and unpleasant box for the feline whose random operation depends on network coverage.

Why do cats disappear?

If your cat remains untraceable for several days, it is probably because he has moved away from his territory to satisfy his thirst for adventure. Our feline friends are often endowed with an insatiable curiosity that pushes them to explore their environment ever further. A frightening noise, some stress or prey can explain that a cat deviates from its landmarks and prevents it from depositing its pheromones on its way back.

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AirTag Cat Collar

In your search for the perfect pet tracker, you may have considered using Apple's AirTag for your cat's adventures to prevent them from getting lost. It can be difficult to know which tracking system to choose, and Apple's AirTag presents a low barrier to entry: it's inexpensive, easy to use, and available virtually anywhere. Plus, it's small and lightweight, which is exactly what you need in a cat tracker. Once inserted into theHisotag Cat Airtag Collar , it will be forgotten for the happiness of its master.

The Apple AirTag is a Bluetooth tracking device, similar to other more expensive gps trackers. It's meant to be attached to your keys, wallet, backpack, or anything else you tend to misplace. If needed, you can use the Find My app on your iPhone to find out the last known location.

If necessary, you can then use the precision search function. If you're within Bluetooth range of the device and the Find My app is open on your phone, an arrow will appear that's supposed to point you in the direction of your AirTag. It also displays the distance between you and your beacon.

In addition to the precision search, you have the option of playing a sound on the AirTag to help you find it. It's pretty quiet though, so if you're not near you probably won't hear it. It could also be a sign for your lost cat .

Locate your Lost Cat

One of the coolest features of the AirTag is the "Lost" mode. If your AirTag is not within Bluetooth range of your device, you can set it to "lost". It will then communicate anonymously with other nearby Apple devices on the Find My network. If it comes within range of someone else's iPhone, you'll receive a notification with your tracker's last location . This feature will obviously only work if your lost cat is in an area where there are other people - so it's pretty useless if your cat gets lost while hiking in the woods.

In "Lost" mode, you can also enter a phone number or email address. So if someone else finds your AirTag, they can use their device to view the Lost Mode message and contact you, even if their smartphone is an Android.

How to follow your cat?

Although the AirTag is not designed as a pet tracking device, you can definitely use it as such because it works very well. Because it's intended for use on lost items, the AirTag works even better than current gps trackers , even on a moving cat.

You will need to buy a collar to attach it to your cat, such as the HisoTag Cat Collar which is the strongest and thinnest on the market. The other gps collars for cats on the market are really too bulky and unpleasant to wear every day. Not to mention the untimely battery recharging due to their autonomy of only a few hours.

How to find your Lost Cat?

We put the HisoTag AirTag Cat Collar through its paces in several scenarios: on a wooded hiking trail in the middle of nowhere, in our own backyard, and inside our office. It worked fine in the office and in the garden. Even in the woods, in the middle of nowhere.

The precision search function is effective even when testing in the garden and in the office. We carried out these tests without knowing exactly where the AirTag Necklace hidden by our colleagues was.

Even when the following message appeared on our iPhone "The signal is weak. Try moving to another location." The Find My app ended up taking us straight to the Hisotag Necklace , which is a good thing. The AirTag logically worked less well in the woods.

What is the Best GPS Tracker for Cats?

It depends. If you are looking for a device that allows you to track your cat in your house or in your garden, the AirTag Collar for Cat HisoTag is the best solution for a low purchase cost and without monthly subscription or hidden costs.

However, if you are looking for a solution that will help you reliably find your lost cat if it escapes from its harness while hiking in the forest, the AirTag will not be the best option.

There are several types of cat tracking devices: GPS, radio frequency, and Bluetooth. Each of them works best in different situations, so it can be difficult to find the tracker that suits your needs. However, in our experience, AirTag type GPS trackers are the most reliable because they are not dependent on a paid subscription or battery life. They are more universal.

While a cat tracker isn't guaranteed to find your cat, it certainly won't hurt. To give you extra peace of mind and increase the chances of finding your lost cat , we recommend investing in a device like the HisoTag Collar .