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Car Seat for Dogs and Cats

Car Seat for Dogs and Cats

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Cat and dog travel seat

dog car seat

This specially designed dog and cat travel basket can reduce motion sickness in our pets, and reduce their anxiety during car trips.

cat car seat

Unlike other pet seats, this dog and cat car seat fits between the two front car seats , directly on the center console or armrest of your vehicle.

This way, your pet is always close to you during your road trips.

Car seat with central control attachment

dog car seat

This dog and cat car carrier is equipped with an internal loop for a leash to be attached to the seat, ensuring your pet 's safety at all times!

The seat itself is secured to your center console with adjustable straps, meaning it fits most cars.

Safety seat for car transport

cat car seat

One in two animals do not like car trips because they are often alone in the trunk of the vehicle or in the back seat.

Thanks to our adjustable car seat , he will be close to you, especially in the car, because it is a totally different mobile environment from that of a house in which he already has his bearings.

gray car seat for dogs and cats

On your next trip , put your pet right next to you and let him feel safe.

blue car seat for dogs and cats

The advantages of the car seat

  • adjustable basket
  • adjustable straps
  • internal safety loop
  • soft interior padding
  • machine washable
  • size 40x23x23cm

dog cat car seat features

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