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Catnip Ball

Catnip Ball

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Catnip ball with matatabi for cats

This cat play ball is made of natural wood: a pure green product produced in the forest, dried and dehydrated. This is another plant that cats like very much and is called " matatabi ".

Cats will be very attracted to this natural catnip matatabi combination of this natural toy with these silver vine sticks (also called matatabi) and its catnip ball trapped inside, will make cats more stimulated than other cat toys .

Matatabi Cat Play Ball is effective for cleaning your domestic cat 's teeth as this catnip ball is filled with natural scent and fresh mint to keep your cat's mouth healthy and clean.

These catnips also have the ability to relieve stress in adult cats . This catnip ball will help your cat relax and reduce anxiety while you're away. When home alone or in a new environment, cats can play with it to ease their feelings of loneliness and discomfort.

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