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DODI - Soothing Bed for Dogs and Cats

DODI - Soothing Bed for Dogs and Cats

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Calming Bed for Dogs and Cats

small dog on three DODI cushion

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The DODI Bed is designed to make your pet happy

cat who loves his soothing bed

✓ Comfortable

✓ Soothing

✓ Breathable

✓ Washable

Like you, animals live and feel emotions . Stress, fear, anxiety, feelings of insecurity are part of their daily lives.

And like you, they need a place to feel good, calm and relaxed. The DODI range brings them all this. A set of positive emotions that improves your pet's quality of life, sleep and therefore health .

cat on soft cushion

Unparalleled comfort

Ideal for dogs and cats who like to sleep in a ball, on their side or even with their legs up! Its donut-shaped design provides perfect support for the head and neck. Its ultra-soft padding relieves joint and muscle pain .

Reduce stress

Offering your pet a space of its own and dedicated to its rest is essential. The DODI bed is designed to provide comfort and comfort: a peaceful and less stressed animal is a happy animal.

dog on extra soft cushion

Optimal support

This rest cushion preserves your pet's spine and joints by providing optimal support and a balanced distribution of pressure points.

Breathable Cushion

We only use breathable materials that increase air circulation and regulate temperature so your dogs and cats were neither too hot nor too cold.

cat dog bed cushion

Bed Size
Weight of your pet
S (50cm)
Between 3 to 6 kg
M (60cm)
Between 6 to 10 kg
L (70cm)
Between 10 to 16 kg
XL (80cm)
Between 16 to 20 kg
XXL (100cm)
Between 20 to 30 kg
XXXL (120cm)
Between 30 to 40 kg

Dimensions of DODI dog and cat comfort beds

The characteristics of the DODI Bed:

  • 6 different sizes
  • 3 colors to choose from
  • dust mite material
  • non- slip mat
  • machine washable

texture and materials soothing dog and cat beds DODI

animal protection spa

Our common mission:

HisoPet™ is also and above all a brand that is committed globally by fighting against abuse, abandonment and atrocities against animals. Thanks to you, we can carry out this mission , which is part of our values; engage together with the SPA by donating part of your order.

Since the beginning of the HisoPet™ adventure, your orders have been used to provide thousands of meals to animals in shelters. We have been collaborating with the SPA since day one to offer animals throughout France the right to receive happiness and to feel loved.

Behind our DODI soothing bed is a committed team that does exciting work. Our goal is to offer you products designed for the well-being of your loved ones, while offering a little love to abandoned animals who have not yet found a home.

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