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Wall-Mounted Scratching Brush for Cats and Dogs

Wall-Mounted Scratching Brush for Cats and Dogs

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Angled Comb for Cat and Dog

cat wall brush

Cats love to rub their face and neck against this wall brush for a massage.

brush cat wall

Having a cat at home can be exciting but also sometimes messy. This innovative creation the "Wall Scratching Brush" is a fun tool that your favorite cat could have fun with all day long.

cat scratches on wall brush
This cat brush collects stray hair to reduce hairballs, maintain a healthy coat and a clean home.

cat wall brush

The cat brush can be attached to any corner of your home and even sofas! We recommend using temporary adhesive to choose the perfect height for your cats.

house cat angle brush

Tips for using the brush:

Let your cats smell and look at the wall brush to familiarize them, then manually brush your cat's hair using the brush.

cat brush attachment

Add catnip to the side compartment the first time and mount it on the wall at an appropriate height for your cat .

cat brush chair

The advantages of the wall brush:

  • High quality cat wall brush (natural silicone, 3m plastic)
  • Corner slot design (fixing wall, furniture, chair...)
  • Easy to install (screw or tape)
  • Multifunctional brush (scraping, grooming...)
  • wall mount cat brush The set includes:

  • 1 wall brush
  • 1 bag of catnip
  • 4 self-tapping screws
  • 4 pieces of double-sided adhesive tape
  • cat scratcher instructions

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