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Matatabi sticks covered with Catnip and Gall Fruit

Matatabi sticks covered with Catnip and Gall Fruit

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Chewing sticks for cat 6 pieces

cat matatabi stick

Small matatabi chewing sticks for the treatment of the gums and the cleaning of the teeth of your domestic cat . Cat food and pies are not enough to ensure your feline's oral hygiene .

cat matatabi stick

Thanks to these 100% natural matatabi sticks , your cat has fun chewing and biting these little sticks covered with catnip powder which felines love. By chewing the wood, the cat strengthens these gums and cleans these teeth against dental plaque.

cat tooth and gum health stick

In addition catmint catmint and matatabi wood relieves anxiety and stress for the majority of domestic cats . When swallowed by cats, these natural, additive-free herbs stimulate feline digestion.

anti vomiting cat stick

Useful for stressful or anxious events such as moving house or going to the vet. Cat chew sticks are also great for helping cats adjust to their new surroundings.

mint or fruit cat stick

Beneficial for your cat's digestion and oral health , matatabi silver vine sticks protect your cat's gums. Removes fetishes and improves hygiene by effectively removing plaque and tartar. Chewing acts like a natural toothbrush, promoting oral health , making it a great cat gift .

gall fruit on stick catnip for cats

The gall fruit is the fruit of the silver matatabi vine (Polygonum Plantarum). In the growth stage, the polygonum plantarum was stimulated by the secretion or secretions of an insect and turned into an irregular fruit. The fruit thus formed contains more kiwifine and polygonolactone.

The gall fruit has the effect of activating blood circulation, dispersing cold and relieving pain, and is a natural stimulant for cats. When cats smell its unique scent, they relax and release stress. It also has the effect of preventing diabetes and lowering blood pressure.

Gall nuts can be given directly to cats, ground into a powder and sprinkled on food, scratching boards, toys, etc.

A catnip stick can be reused several times. Simply carve it with a kitchen knife to remove the worn layer of bark and reactivate the beneficial smells and vitamins for your four-legged friend.

buy box matatabi sticks for cat
Characteristics of Matatabi Sticks :

  • Ingredients: matatabi, catnip, gall fruit, edible gum
  • Age: cat over three months old
  • Content: 6 sticks/box
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Weight: 20g
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