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LIDO - Interactive Cat Ball

LIDO - Interactive Cat Ball

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LIDO is designed to make your pet happy

The Smart Rotating Cat Ball

interactive cat ball

The cat is a feline that needs activity all day even in a small housing.

Cats are social beings who seek human interaction and thrive on attention. They can play on their own, but when you're gone they miss you a lot.

rotating cat ball

Without proper stimulation and socialization, cats can develop depression , obesity, and other major health issues.

Pet obesity has also become a growing problem over the years.

this cat loses its obesity thanks to LIDO

According to several studies, the majority of pet cats are either overweight or obese . This is mainly due to a lack of stimulation and exercise .

Their masters work a lot and the little cats find themselves alone at home, with the only activity eating or sleeping.

obese cat eats in its bowl

Overweight or obese cats have a 2.8 times higher mortality rate than their thinner counterparts and are at high risk of developing serious health problems.

interactive ball with cat

Overweight cats scored lower on vitality , quality of life, and happiness, and higher on pain and emotional distress.

A good diet is essential but not sufficient to combat this problem.

obese cat motionless in the garden

Obese cats are unhappy!

The good news is that our LIDO Ball is the smartest playmate for your cat.

LIDO creates a world of interaction , fun, stimulation and connection for him that helps your cat thrive and develop to achieve the best possible physical and mental health .

the LIDO ball for obese cats

This intuitive cat toy satisfies your cat's need to be a close friend. This is a self-spinning ball that attracts your cat to chase it around and have fun.

interactive chat ball

Once lit, LIDO rotates 360° and emits bright LED lights. It is therefore an extraordinary toy for your cats, who will not only have it for playing and having fun, but also as an interactive playmate !

360 ball with cat

360° automatic rotation and colored LED indicators

The interactive cat ball spins and swivels on its own to get noticed by your cat. It spins and moves like a mouse, which stimulates the cat's natural impulses to chase and catch its "prey".

Your cats will stay vibrant and have fun chasing her.

LED cat ball

Safe and animal-friendly materials

This rotating ball for cats is designed with approved and eco-responsible materials.

LIDO is made from ABS and PVC plastics, so it is well laid out and safe for felines to handle and chase it around the house.

rotating cat ball avoid obstacle

Intelligent obstacle avoidance

You don't need to worry if the auto ball gets stuck in a gap, because LIDO adjusts its orientation accordingly when it hits obstacles such as a divider, entrance, sofa, etc.

Once your cat is done playing with it, just turn the toy off.

ball cat 360

Rechargeable batteries

The batteries of the LIDO cat ball are powered by connecting the charger via the USB port, which eliminates the need to replace the batteries .

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Our common mission:

HisoPet™ is also and above all a brand that is committed globally by fighting against abuse, abandonment and atrocities against animals. Thanks to you, we can carry out this mission which is part of the values ​​of our values; engage together with the SPA by donating part of your order. delivery colissimo france

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