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RINGO - Bike Bell for AirTag

RINGO - Bike Bell for AirTag

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Hidden and Waterproof Bicycle Tracker

bike with airtag bell

The most invisible and helpful AirTag hiding place on a bike is called Ringo.

Many people are afraid of having their bike stolen. The best way today is to use the AirTag tracker in combination with your smartphone.

"This small object at less than 30€ is more efficient than a gps tracker and less expensive than a traditional anti-theft device (lock, chain, ties)" UFC Que Choisir

video airtag bike bell install

In big cities we usually need at least 2 strong locks to avoid having our bike or electric scooter stolen. Good locks are usually heavy and expensive (about 100$).

"In big cities, a bicycle is stolen every minute. More than 50% of bike owners have already been victims of theft. Only 3% of stolen bikes are recovered by their owners. 25% of victims give up buying a new bike."

kid bike with airtag bike bell

With Ringo, our new bike tracker, find your stolen bike as soon as it disappears. Activate the Find My application on your iPhone and track your bike quickly without any subscription or additional cost. The AirTag battery lasts 1 year without recharging.

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The RINGO bike bell is designed to locate your bike anywhere

bike bell airtag specifications

Where is the best place to hide an AirTag?

Ringo offers the best hiding place for your Apple AirTag on your bike. This bell helps hide your AirTag antitheft on the handlebars of your bike, enough to make the AirTag invisible.

airtag bike bell on handlebar

The bicycle is certainly one of the most coveted and stolen object in big cities. All victims know that finding a stolen bicycle is an impossible mission.

The Airtag bike bell from HisoTag looks like a traditional bike bell. You can be sure that your bike equipped with this anti-theft bell will never be noticed, especially if it is placed next to a row of bikes also equipped with bells.

This increases the reliability of your AirTag's hiding place, as the more obvious it is, the less thieves will suspect it.

airtag bike bell on parked bicycle
  • Compatible with all Apple AirTags (not included)
  • Registered design by HisoTag
  • Unique in the world (unknown by thieves)
  • Tool included for easy installation
  • Sound level rated at 85dB
  • No subscription fee

New GPS bike tracker

Locate kids on bikes when they've disappeared from your line of sight or take too long to return, simply with your smartphone. Children's bikes are the favorite target of bike thieves because they are easier to transport and are easily resold.

airtag bike bell family

The Ringo Bell is a simple, safe and small bike accessory for hiding your Apple AirTag on the whole family's bikes. With this innovative bell, you can safely and discreetly hide your AirTag on the handlebars of your two-wheeler and always know exactly where it is, even when you're not there.

Your AirTag connects to Apple's Find my Network, so you can track your bike worldwide without paying a subscription.

waterproof bike bell airtag
  • Anti-theft design: the Apple AirTag is hidden inside the Ringo bike bell. Track your bike with your smartphone and never worry about your bike being stolen again. The design of the Ringo anti-theft bike bell makes your AirTag invisible to thieves.
  • Universal: this new generation bike tracker is suitable for most bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX, kids bikes, adult bikes, bicycle, scooter. Compatible with all handlebars from 22 to 25 mm diameter
  • Waterproof: contains a waterproof rubber ring to prevent water from entering the bell. Cycling in the rain will not damage your AirTag which is already waterproof (IP67 rating)
  • Materials: Made of high quality brass with a retro design, high strength springs and a solid alloy base. Protective pad included to avoid slipping or scratching your bike.
  • Sound: The Airtag bike bell is easy to install and resonates with a loud, crisp sound that is clearly identifiable even in traffic.

airtag bike bell size

Today, many of us depend on their bicycles to get around - and often, on their work tools to earn a living.

We hope you never have to worry about where your bike is, but Ringo will be there for you when you need it most.

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