GPS Dog Collar with AirTag

AirTag Dog Collar

When Apple launched the AirTag , it brought amazing technology to market that was full of potential. It was highly anticipated, not only by tech junkies, but also by people who wanted a better version of what a GPS tracker had to offer.

Apple has succeeded in creating its own extremely advanced technology, an ecosystem that would approach one billion devices worldwide, capable of working together and theoretically finding a lost object.

Pet owners around the world, like dog collar brand HisoTag , have jumped at the chance to add a tracking device to their pets. But how effective are they?

What is the Best GPS Collar for Dogs?

It depends on what you are looking for in a dog tracker . If you are looking to replace a gps collar for dogs, this is surely the article for you.

Traditional gps collars are extremely expensive and require bulky hardware that must be attached to the collar and recharged daily, with additional charges for the tracker, monthly charges for software usage, and an individual data plan for each tracking device .

These disadvantages are significant, and for those who had the means and the need to have a dog constantly followed , this was the only way to accomplish this task.

That's why AirTags for pets are becoming such a popular option. They don't need to be recharged (replaceable battery that lasts a year), there are no monthly subscriptions or data plans, and they're packed with technology in just 11 grams.

How to find your Lost Dog?

We believe every pet should have an AirTag on it. Lost dog owners are looking for information about their dog's last whereabouts before they escaped.

If the dog had an AirTag Dog Collar or HisoTag Collar tied around their neck, they would be able to receive notifications the second the dog escaped the house, notifications about the last known whereabouts of the missing dog , an update of his location every time he passes an Apple device and the ability to press the AirTag to retrieve the information of the found dog if it was picked up by someone else.

AirTag collars are an effective way to help locate dogs, but the experience will depend on where you are and how many people in the area have Apple products. In all of our tests, the city was very good at locating dogs and cats with an AirTag, but the campaign had mixed results and took a little longer to locate. Either way, the geofencing feature that alerts you when the animal is out of range has proven extremely effective.

Does my dog need an AirTag Collar?

At a time when pets have become as important as our family members, even more important in some cases, an AirTag is definitely worth buying for your pet. We have seen with our own eyes many messages and announcements of missing dogs and cats asking people to provide any information about the whereabouts of their companion. A dog AirTag is more effective than the slim chance someone will see your ad as well as your pet and be able to contact you accordingly.

Instead, HisoTag replaces that faint possibility with a technological advancement that will help locate your dog if he approaches another Apple product. In our opinion, this is an investment worth making to keep your pet safe for less than €60 with no subscriptions or hidden fees.