GPS Collar for Cat and Dog with AirTag

How do GPS trackers for dogs and cats work?

You like the idea of ​​a GPS tracker , mostly because you've come to dread the fact that there are more rabbits than people in your town. Not all dog or cat GPS trackers are effective.

But what is a GPS tracker and how does it work?

First, let's start with what a cat or dog GPS collar is not. The GPS collar is not like a microchip , which your veterinarian is usually the provider. A microchip implanted for your dog acts as a static data storage device that, when scanned, shows who your pet belongs to and where it actually is (i.e. probably not in the neighbor's yard ). The chip lives under its skin and is designed to last its entire life, but it cannot determine its location .

Dog GPS or microchip?

Lost and found animals with a microchip must be brought to a facility equipped with an RFID chip scanner in order to read the data stored on the chip itself. It is a passive system that only works in an emergency and with special equipment.

HisoTag the GPS collar without subscription

On the other hand, GPS tracking devices, like the HisoTag® smart collar , actively monitor your dog or cat's movements in real time. They work by communicating between the GPS tracking device attached to the dog's collar and a network of navigational satellites that orbit the planet. Like your phone, the GPS collar picks up constant signals from satellites to automatically calculate the distance between their position in space and your pet's GPS collar. The result: its position at all times.

Locating dogs and cats with your smartphone

This data is sent to the Find My app on your smartphone , which locates the dog or cat on a map. It's a bit technical, perhaps, but you can rest easy knowing your pet's whereabouts are always known when they're wearing a GPS tracker like the HisoTag® Smart Dog and Cat Collar .

How to locate your dog?

If you're the kind of parent who likes to go on leash walks with their dog, you might be wondering why you need a collar with a GPS tracking system when it's already under your control. In short, it's not just for dogs that are in danger of running away. The HisoTag ® collar uses GPS to power its activity tracker which can monitor your dog 's walks - and yours too, if you walk with him.

HisoTag the cat GPS collar adapted to felines

Moreover, if you entrust your companion to a dog walker during the day, you will have the assurance that he will never get lost and that he will always get the exercise he needs. But this HisoTag® GPS collar is even more interesting for cats! Few cat GPS collars are available on the market. While felines are by definition much more acrobats and hunters than dogs. Being able to track your cat 's movements, while having the peace of mind that it can move around as it pleases, is a gift for both the animal and its owner.

Cat and dog GPS tracker in an adjustable collar

The HisoTag ® collar 's activity tracking feature uses your AirTag 's GPS chip to silence the question, "Does my dog ​​get enough exercise during the day?". If your vet has mentioned that your pup has put on extra pounds because of your child's generously dropping mashed potatoes or the guilty pleasure of giving him an extra treat here and there, you'll feel better knowing you're doing what it takes for him.

If your cat or dog is a runner, a rescuer, a hunter (maybe all of the above, depending on the day), using an AirTag GPS Collar is a must, especially when he's on the move. is about finding your pet in different places and on different locations.

The AirTag GPS more powerful than the others?

The Find My app works with the Apple AirTag to let you know if your dog or cat is on the move and exactly how far away they are from you or the geofence you created. If it has gone too far, the HisoTag® collar equipped with your AirTag uses several types of corrections that are 100% human and painless for the animal, unlike other brands of GPS collars, to bring your companion back in the right direction.

Knowing where your curious puppy or kitten has innocently followed its nose can quickly become a crucial part of pet ownership, especially in times of panic!

A new generation GPS chip in a leather collar

A GPS chip collar can also be used as a fitness tracker for your companion. Using GPS signals , the smartphone app and HisoTag GPS collar become an activity tracker that monitors your dog's exercise and sleep. Using your iPhone , the app can synthesize this data, along with breed, ambient temperature, and more, to give your dog a health and happiness score that helps you monitor their well-being.

The whole point of using a GPS tracker collar is really to establish a drama-free relationship with your pet. All pet owners wonder, "What is my cat thinking?" and "Does he know how cute he is right now?". But "Where did my dog ​​go?" and "Is he doing enough activity while I'm gone?" are questions that can finally be answered thanks to the HisoTag GPS collars on sale in our online store.