Cat and Dog GPS Collar

Locating your cat has never been easier!

Looking for the best tracking solutions for your dog or cat? A cat gps collar ? A dog tracker?

"These solutions with paid subscription are already overtaken by current technological innovations, at the service of our four-legged friends."

The new AirTag is Apple's ultra-wideband tracking device. With the HisoTag AirTag Collar you can find your pet anywhere in the world!

"97% of lost dogs and cats found thanks to Apple AirTag technology"

lost dog found by owner

How do I find my lost dog with an AirTag?

If you lose your dog equipped with a HisoTag Collar with its AirTag beacon, you are notified immediately on your iPhone . You can find your lost dog for free with the "Find My" app on your iPhone.

Each AirTag contains an ultra-wideband chip. These new chips transmit more data than Bluetooth or GPS combined, and at a higher rate. This means that you will be able to pinpoint exactly where your pet is.

"An AirTag on your pet is like a microchip, but with superpowers"

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AirTag vs. GPS

Millions of lost cats and dogs each year decide to go on a solitary adventure or are robbed or run over.

These numbers are worrying, especially considering that our furry friends make us happy every day. It is our responsibility to keep them safe.

To track your pet, you have two options:

  1. The Apple AirTag Necklace
  2. GPS plotter

Here are the differences between the two solutions and their pros and cons.

1. Benefits of Apple AirTags :

  • Modern ultra-wideband technology
  • Community help
  • All phones (iPhone and Android) can scan the AirTag and contact you
  • 1 year battery life
  • No recharging necessary
  • Works in all countries without the need for a sim card.
  • Airtag small, light and waterproof
  • Works with your iPhone's "Find My" app - no need to download another app
  • Can locate your dog to the nearest centimeter.
  • No paid subscription to track your pet.
  • Water and dust resistant to IP67 standard

Cons of Apple AirTags :

  • You need an iPhone to use it

wholesale dog gps collars

2. Advantages of the GPS tracker :

  • Worldwide coverage (with paid sim card plan though)
  • Unlimited range without depending on other devices, when GPS is connected.
  • Real-time location
  • Most GPS trackers have an IPX water resistance rating.
  • 24-hour location history (quickly decreases battery life)

Disadvantages of the GPS tracker :

  • Paid monthly subscription + sim card
  • Malfunction indoors and connection problems in bad weather or cloudy skies.
  • Requires app download
  • Bulky GPS Tracker
  • Low autonomy of 2 to 5 days
  • Recharge GPS every day so you don't run out of battery while your dog is lost
  • No NFC tag to scan and contact you

gps cat neck collar

Which solution to choose to follow your animal?

If you live in an urban area and have an iPhone, we recommend using Apple AirTag . Most dogs, at some point, encounter people on their solo adventures. In this case, you will be able to know exactly where your dog is, even if he is inside a building.

AirTags are perfect if you want to be sure to find your cat wherever it goes. As long as your cat passes other people, you will be able to locate your feline.

An AirTag on your dog is basically like a dog microchip , but with superpowers. If you decide to opt for the AirTag Collar , we have the perfect collar for your companion. Discover the Hisotag Collar for dogs and cats by clicking on the image below.

dogs and cats with airtag collar

GPS dog trackers may be a better choice for hikes or if you live isolated in the countryside, as your dog is unlikely to encounter many other people in the mountains. But beware, GPS trackers only have a battery life of two to five days.

Also, if your dog is overweight and you want to track their daily activity, a GPS tracker could help them get in shape. However, the dog GPS collar is not suitable for small dogs or cats because it is too bulky and uncomfortable for your pet.

dog gps collar

Which GPS collar to choose?

Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Which is best for your cat or dog largely depends on your use case. You can also use AirTags and GPS simultaneously.

It is important to stress that neither system can give you a 100% guarantee of finding your cat. But if your cat is lost, they greatly increase the chances of finding it. Tracking your pet should only be used as a backup system. So please take all necessary steps to ensure that your companion does not run away in the first place.

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Can the AirTag Collar replace the electronic microchip?

Using both increases the chances of finding your pet quickly.
Want to increase the chances of finding your lost cat as much as possible? The AirTag does everything the microchip does, only better. The reason we do not recommend replacing your microchip is as follows:

Microchips are the standard for finding your forever lost cat or dog , and it will never hurt to have one. The worst thing that can happen? It does not help to find your lost cat.

We are confident that we offer the most comfortable and stylish solution for attaching an AirTag to your pet.

Discover the Hisotag Collar for dogs and cats by clicking on the image below.

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How does a dog or cat microchip work?

A microchip is a small RFID transponder that contains a specific identification number. To implant the dog or cat microchip , a small operation is necessary and can be carried out at the veterinarian. This operation is not dangerous for your animal.

If someone locates your lost pet and takes it to the vet or a shelter, they can scan the microchip with a special device and get your contact information.

puppy having a microchip inserted by the veterinarian

What to keep in mind

Before a veterinarian or shelter can scan the microchip and contact you, you must register the microchip with a national animal recovery service. When registering the microchip, provide at least two phone numbers. Be sure to use a vendor that has access to various microchip databases and technologies.

"Also remember that you must modify the registration information if you change your telephone number. However, if you do not register your microchip, it will be useless."

The microchip in your pet's body can move. This means that she can move from her initial position. It's not dangerous for your pet, but the shelter or veterinarian looking for the flea may not locate it.

dog and cat airtag collars from the histotag brand

Is the AirTag Collar better than the microchip?

The AirTag has 2 use cases for your pet :

1. An AirTag is an electronic chip for dogs and cats but with superpowers. Anyone with an iPhone or Android smartphone can scan the AirTag and get your contact information.

  • The advantage: there is no need to go to a veterinarian or a shelter because they can call you directly.
  • Important: The AirTag owner must have an iPhone, but any phone can scan the AirTag and get your contact information.

2. Track your pet with the AirTag Collar, using Apple's "Find My" network.

If your dog is not nearby and cannot be located, you can activate your pet's AirTag in Lost Mode . In this mode, any other Apple device will help locate your dog .

When your companion is found, you'll receive a notification with your dog's exact location. This solution will work even faster in urban areas, where many people live.

airtag collar 4 colors to choose from

Which solution to choose?

As noted in our summary, we recommend using both an AirTag collar and a microchip on your pet to increase the chances of finding your lost dog or cat as much as possible. Using a microchip with an AirTag will help with this 100%.

If we had to choose just one, we would choose the AirTag HisoTag Collar, of course, because your cat or dog will be located before being identified with their microchip.

If you want to use a cat or dog AirTag Collar , we have the ideal collar for you. Our waterproof HisoTag collar has an integrated pocket.

AirTag Cat and Dog GPS Collar

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Bonjour Mme Royer,
Il n’y a pas encore de date annoncée par Apple concernant l’utilisation de AirTag avec les smartphones Android. Nous vous avertirons des que nous aurons la date officielle.


J’ai fait des recherches sur le collier AirTag, et son créateur , mettait sur un commentaire datant de 2016, que l’application allait s’étendre sur les androïdes. Quand est il a l’heure actuelle ? Je voulait acheter un collier AirTag, mais j’ai un Androïd.
Pouvez vous m’en dire plus à ce sujet?
Merci .
Cordialement Mme Royer

Royer Muriel

Merci pour votre article très complet sur le sujet des tracers gps pour chien et chat. Finalement j’ai acheté un AirTag pour mon chat et je suis totalement d’accord avec vous. J’avais essayé avant ça un GPS Tractive qui était inutilisable sur ma petite femelle de 3kg et n’est pas du tout adapté pour un chat de moins de 5kg et encore c’est déjà trop volumineux autour du cou de mon mâle de 4,5 kg. Même avec leur collier anti étranglement mon chat s’est blessé. En plus de l’abonnement mensuellement hors de prix (89€/an) et le service client déplorable. Je peux donc désormais comparer les deux offres. Les colliers GPS Tractive ou Weenect ne sont clairement pas adaptés pour les chats.
A la campagne l’AirTag utilise le Bluetooth et non un signal gsm alors que en ville tous les appareils Apple dans le secteur vont localiser l’AirTag de mon chat s’il sort de la porté Bluetooth de mon iPhone. J’ai donc pu facilement localiser mon chat qui s’était fait enfermé dans un garage et d’être rappelé par quelqu’un qui l’avait trouvé quand j’ai passé l’AirTag en mode perdu après 2 jours d’absence de mon chat.
Désormais avec les colliers AirTag de mes félins, je peux savoir ou ils sont sans limite de distance, sans me soucier de l’autonomie de la batterie ( 1 an ) plus la peine de recharger la batterie tous les jours comme les GPS Tractive ou Weenect. Les colliers Hisotag sont très fins et légers avec un joli look discret sur mes chats.


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